Storm Dennis in England Caused Serious Winter floods: the world can not overcome the effects of climate change if Trump is re-elected President.

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2 min readOct 22, 2020


The Guardian reported that Storm Dennis caused “the worst winter floods in England in recent times.” Primarily because “the rain was so widespread and the terrain was already saturated from Storm Ciara the previous week.”Although The Guardian concluded that the flood defenses in Britain are working well, there is still more that they can accomplish because more significant dangers lie ahead.

Professor Hannah Cloke of the University of Reading said that “One way to protect Britain from the storms is to have a robust planning policy that keeps new housing developments out of flood plains. Another is natural flood management, such as planting trees, building dams and water storage facilities. These all help slow the flow of water downstream and would take the edge off severe storms.”

The Guardian also noted that “Experts say more energy should be devoted to contingency planning, local resilience measures and regular maintenance of flood defenses and drainage systems.” Sadly, the fact remains that Britain is “protecting urban areas or properties of high commercial value, at the expense of rural communities, farms, and villages.” With how harsh these recent floods were, Britain needs a “more ambitious” plan to tackle its flooding problem. England, as a whole, had its “fifth wettest autumn on record,” since it first started tracking the rainfall in the 20th century.

The increase in Britain’s flooding is “due to the climate emergency. Evidence from the Met Office shows the number of winter storms has increased in the North Atlantic and that they are getting stronger. Heavy rainfall events are also becoming more frequent: warmer air carries more moisture, which means more rain falls causing heavier showers.”

Climate change is not just affecting the United States, but the entire world. Now is the time that we need world leaders to take the appropriate actions, guided by the counsel of scientists, to fight climate change. Trump will not invest in the appropriate steps because he denies climate change exists. He also believes “he has a natural instinct for science”!

If we do not want more damage from climate change to occur, we need to be certain Trump is not re-elected. We need to reverse the 2016 electoral college result. We need Millennials and Generation Z, especially those residing in the five critical swing states described in our campaign.

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We need your involvement against Trump in the swing states to beat him. Let’s flip 38 electoral votes!

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Facts herein mainly from this article in The Guardian.

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